Update 21 Jan

Please do note that we having stock shortage due to Lunar New Year break. Certain product will only able to ship on 7 Feb.

Update 22 Oct

Please do note that we will email you the payment links once you placed the order. Please make sure your email address are able to receive the payment links in order to proceed payment.

Update 13 April

Website link Fashionsrep.com will be revised to new link Fashionsrep.co for enhancing shopping experience.

Update 28 Jan

Due to some manufacturing line temporarily stop for Lunar new Year break, we have shortage of stock temporarily, will get restock after 15 Feb. Those order placed 29 Jan onwards will be shipped if we having ready stock.

Update 26 Sept

Our business are back to fully operate. All order will be provide payment links to checkout.

Update 10 May

Some product will be stopped due to covid outbreak

Shipping Delay issue

Update 25 April (Important notice)

1. Due to covid virus spread around the world, please do note that shipping channel will be having mass delay.

2. The shipping processing day will also increase to 5-12 days due to slow response from shipping company.

Update 1 March (Important notice)

Please do note that:

1. You will be emailed once the track no updated by post office. You may further check your mail box for tracking mail.

2. We will always check with post office to make sure those parcel with track no will be processed.

3. Mostly track no provided will be online in several days.

4. We will periodically check why your tracking is not online. 

Thanks for the support for those customer that did not keep on mailing us. Because your action will give space to customer that did not even receive track no. We appreciate that.


Update 12 Feb

Post office have back to normal operation from now on

All the order placed on JAN will be processed by us to post office in this week. While order on FEB will try to be finish processed on next week.

Update 6 Feb

Post office will resume back to normal on 10 FEB due to Coronavirus outbreak. So all the order will be processed one by one 10 FEB onward.

Update 1 Feb 

Clothing order from 13-20 Jan that used Fedex courier have been processed by Post Agents and track no will send via email. 

Certain sneaker order will having certain delay due to Coronavirus outbreak.

Those order using first class express will also having delay as Coronavirus outbreak too but we will free upgrade it to 2-4 days DHL Express.

Update 30 Jan

Those order dispatched 13 Jan onward will be start processing by post office 30 Jan. But due to coronavirus outbreak, certain order might be delay too.

Due to ton of order from this break, all order will we processed according to the date of your order placed.

Lunar New Year Break from 17-31 Jan and Discount

Due to our main shipping channel will be break from 17-31 Jan for lunar new year. All order placed 16 Jan onward will be shipped in 1 Feb if we not able shipped from main office

Sneaker order  13 Jan onward will be shipped at 1 Feb.

Mean time we will giving out code LNY2020 for 5% discount store wide.